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      Horizontal Shrink Flow Wrapper (Pillow or Three-Side-Seal)
Hopak Machinery Co., Ltd.
APPLICABLE PACKAGING PRODUCTS: Instant bowl noodles, tape, insecticides, aerosol cans, books, CDs, jelly, pudding and ......more
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      Full Automatic Cup Fillling & Sealing Machine
Seal Pack Technology Co., Ltd.
*Application:Lunch Box, Frozen Food, Meat, Bakery, and Cosmetic......more
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      Fully Automatic L-Sealer
Long Durable Machinery Co., Ltd.
Features : Anti-adhesive permanent-temperature brass sealing blade ensures no breaking or burning of the package, no s......more
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      Auto Shrink Sleeving Machine
Eversleeve Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Capability : 01. Single material unwind saves space. 02. It's easy and convenient to replace bottles in different si......more
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      Capping Machine
KWT Machine Systems Co., Ltd.
Features : Machine main construction by stainless steel SUS 304. Mitsubishi PLC Control system combined with Pro-Face......more
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      Auger Filler
Auger Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Designed for filling and metering various powder and granular products, such as flour, crude sugar, seasoning flavor, sa......more
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